Objects that will not object.

we are the human element vital in the grandiose schemes of the wealthy and manipulative for our potential uses like a resource that can reproduce itself that is under the right social circumstances as though that were the only rational means to bring the hierarchy into control through interbreeding, but there are no breeds of royalty worth the time or energy in utilizing to bring people together because that would require a selfless act of letting go of certain external concepts which have filled in the gaps so far as an open public has allowed to be in place while other aspects are forgotten in the trip between lives bringing up the young within a community partially aware of the trauma remaining as tension among sub-groups of people in the most basic nature of life, most of us in defense of a learned behavior which has earned us praise inside a system displaying sharp edges under the worst situations in humanity trying its utterly damnedest to snuff out the instinct of compassion that on some levels hinders conveying ideas that promote faceless efficiency moving like an electric snake through the jungle of a digital world to find new ranges on which to work some sinister mental trickery to provoke the vicious parts in humanity into hurting itself as a whole with an awful fear and paranoia defining the modern age with dark ideas and unholy happenstance riddling services of failure to confuse and elaborate into nothingness that shadow concrete and hard as a counterpoint to this discretionary world as living creatures moving puzzling machinery into place to do the most damage to this racing gait, and travelling faster than light still riding interstices between the ‘us and them’ mentality that pushes us further along the loop once we reach sight of the carrot/ dollar that hangs just out of reach over our heads as we are used even though we are not horses to shift the pieces around while idols of worship compromise with humanity to realize their dreams Here… with some kind of false mystique that resembles the accomplished glamour projected to distance oneself via the shell of the experienced one that usually comes to knowledge at a young age through hardship, the ideal of utilizing the opportunities when we have them is another lie locked in the lore of human intrigue deep beyond just human drama in action, but the legal entrance into the human experience as the curtain is drawn aside for the new initiate into the mysteries Here with enough cults to choke a donkey even if you are active in animal rights i will not apologize for something said in jest to merely segue things along to another point in this one-sided version of reality Here where i hold your attention captive… we have turned a corner, you and i, in this real time relationship in words… you read because perhaps you are looking for answers that at first i do not think i have even though you may have observed otherwise, but this does not mean that i am completely oblivious to what you can see are fragments of my personality while moving about in the lands of the living, i observe and edit as i write this dung from which meaning may be derived by those truly wanting for more than surface delivery of the myriad versions of reality going all around us… even as the sleeping god crosses over while portions of the living seek relief in the night from other daylight madmen drinking and creeping in the dark corners too lost to sleep for themselves, while the middle road will only take madness one step closer after some traumatic indoctrination has occurred, and then the final more sheltered percentage has traits that allow for the unconscious choosing of the best-of-odds in a reality hinged on a constantly shifting appearance that makes capable a swift recovery if ever there is damage from external source of a kind of nemesis energy which will contradict the positive to mock and create initial synthesis between opposites Here… as opposing forces go, we are each left to our own devices through learned behavior that does not conflict with our programming Here, but this stasis can be interlaced with combinations of depression and euphoria being like that of a bi-polar person even as the truth is quite different from the abstracted notion revealed by this proposal, though i won’t let that stop me now that i seem to perhaps fit a role or maybe only strike out as the innovator as i am unsure where i stand could not be considered a forgery of personality where the cult of culture is concerned… against the mold as much against the grain…

Thanks, khet.

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