long weekend into oblivion.

the lower extremities ached, and sleep was the steady as the days drifted by… the dreams became fitful and hazy, and the back took the shrug out of my shoulders… looking behind my steps was the difficult gesture, and we were lost to the grace of enthusiastic pretending… sanity was real and the feelings were nervy… as the plant seemed to ween us off of its requirements, we weren’t the capable ones to say that we were done with it yet, but the constriction in my chest says otherwise about that topic… it has been interesting reexamining some of the previous feelings connected with it, but the negative feelings seem to outweigh the positive ones… it is difficult to reset those imperatives that have kind of been directing themselves, but I was always more than willing to find out the extent to which my craving went, taking the necessary time out to realize my real feelings on the subject… only when inspiration is needed, an aide on the scene, and the equipment to use it… with nothing left, the stash is complete, and we move on to other devices to acquisition a new outlook and heart for these things… work was in the past, and I fell for all the traps, though now is a different story… the weekend might say adventure, but perhaps the same thing will occur, we need a car now… patience is key in this matter, as the need is not relying on more than a particular timespan, and a vehicle is not so easily attained sometimes… the future is rife with both endeavor and mistake, that will haunt both parties at some inappropriate period of time, and difference to any other topic is prohibited… I shall set forth and acquire the right supplements to isolate from the state of reflection that weekend’s can achieve sometimes, but is oblivion the best moniker for this situation?… post-October, what are we left with for a fall season, and how does one cope with the pain inherent in the mysteries?… the unknown always presents the most interesting riddles to perceive… what are we Here?…

Thanks, khet.

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