Free Admission…

out of Context;
‘we can derive a truth from within… a submission to the workings of this will, as it decides to catapult the self through trial and error to understand what it is that makes these creatures become the things they do, still constrained by the idea that a human being is as easily defined as they are shuffled about between ethics as trends used to place people into windows to display befitting their privilege, and hope renewed to see the good in a person while not the withered stalk from which they grew learning…’


out of Context;
‘again through the back door of the mind into that subtle entrance by your divine lifeline gathered Here for the moment while taking you away from your fears, or perhaps to guide you straight through harm into the abyss from which you first came shooting as shards of splintered sperm oblivious to any direction transferring the energy into a mechanical surging… either way we are allured by a sexual distinction locked in the act looking for and wishing for anything to permeate the shell unforgiven for cracking under this lustful pressure pushing the boundaries much closer together edging us to forward a loving poisonous passion throbbing with horror for those human ways we can be so cruel yet so kind at the worse of times it seems, fucking up the party with our conditions…’

the Cagey Bee

out of Context;
‘in the hearts and minds of a people to hatch creatures of social perfection out of these egg-like nuclear families whose dysfunctions can be hidden by years of tension laid bare as nerve after nerve is further torn away by happenstance occurrences swirling like instinctual notions inside the cells set to detonate at any instant, a system like this dissolving from dangerous incisions as the reckless decisions travel boldly to the public surface suicidal venting made maximum history upon impact as we decide who lives and who dies so easily without regard for the human life it is caught wasted as fated by a system whose propaganda mantras advertised and televised to the extreme of content as the anonymous majority watches it all upon multiple channels… no wonder the bees are dying off at an alarming rate…’

grave wisdom.

out of Context;
‘a bullet in the head as more complex communication of catastrophe to each remote viewer in the distance witnessing the waste collecting as though dead flakes in the dust shed and blowing with boring winds carving caves from mistaken veneer of merely rocks and surface terrain that humans would have as beings as paved of a skin and blood, and frightening the massive that pulses with raving frenzy to shock and cause harm to this vapid system that carries us and our souls as sour parasitic eggs on its back trying to crawl away with the cursed obligation to whatever this spastic machine attempting an unwieldy fusion of time and space for all of us to inhabit as we would somehow find loyalty for our family or any other relation…’

Garage Psychonauts and Common Philosophers

out of Context;
‘the spiritual essence that gives us the i-don’t-know-what to achieve these grand heights to which we have become accustomed and taken as granted, in this strange conundrum of feats and defeats outweighing those true opinions we have for ourselves unless otherwise prevented on the individual level where others decide our idea of fate and destiny to which we may eventually fall prey to machinations or plots that portray us in as socially unflattering a light without the simple courtesy for our basic knowledge, and from the outside we all appear as mechanical animals to a robotic extreme unkind to the idea of human error because to justify one vile act is to excuse others…’

Life as a Plague of Games

out of Context;
‘the real heretics are the ones who refuse to see and stay open to the active truth that does not stay idle while others allow their minds to stagnate and dry to the traditional excrement they have been fed for ages since calamity was a vital motivation on someone’s score board, though the games are now convoluted in their rules and regulations defining the space of the gameplay as it requires players to adapt to the system as it stands to work within it as it might distract one away from reality whatever it may be other than actually sitting off to the side trying to hide the relevant facts from the rest of the tribe, and trying to isolate those who take sides by deciding to become the villains…’

a Mass Hip Gnosis

out of Context;
‘the odd looping surge to one’s own practical version of reality while syphoning the negative affliction out of the wounds for its’ own good, to learn by experience and not just in hearing about it second-hand from some street thugs or goons who never wanted to know any better except by jumping straight into the fire, and not as though all of these ridiculous conversations about filth and doom and the endings that we prophesied soon how they were going to subsume the world with all of our worst traits… just as the idea of a roaring hot blaze is expected in the fireplace…’

gnarly new world.

‘sitting in this vessel wondering what autonomy we could truly deserve as sub-space culture of demon worms pouring out of the thick bloated colon of past-prime demagogue… i don’t need all this heavy trash like recycled metal weighing down my strained bravery that defies law, tricks of the abyss in a tender kiss that miss the point completely as far as understanding what one can truly embrace…’

Dys Grunt

out of Context;
‘subtly haunting the bodies committing themselves to this nonsense as ever in motion… striving to hide the hive mind behind occulted rituals and subtle stinging words used to manipulate the population into subconscious fear games that push us all to compete in the great hunt as predator or prey, and as some of the more deluded prepare themselves to die in the struggle alone as wild beasts…’

the Dead Gods

out of Context;
‘by previous gods we worshiped into a stillborn truth as dying proof of an end… the signs and symbols eat faith and vision as the bound beast born of flesh cycles through imperfection in many realms of conscious attention in constant motion, the warrior-hero within is always battling against the dying of the light whether the person becomes poet or fighter is no different than any other projection of this inner force representing that spark eternal that flares and flickers passionately inside us all…’