Tainting Fates

out of Context;
‘a scattered mortal tragic excuse that hammers the cleaving blow home to lop off one’s head as though this brand of guillotine justice were ever finished existing for the violent execution of lazy executive decision through and through… the scammed out enslaved by that simple yet syrupy delicious that makes people shiver down their spines through a seat to their souls as an electrifying zeitgeist to arrive absolute at whatever obtuse angle that means to those of us that observe this mess, in the empty zombie eyes laughing…’

Douchebags & Derelicts

out of Context;
‘as motivation tries to free the unkind from their hatred that makes them incompatible with humane interaction as this molten temper tempers the metaphysical us through connective tissue challenging our preconceived notions injected like junk for the monkeys trashed and wondering who will be the one to take care of them, but to swing the fixated monkey off one’s back is not an easy task to complete for those of us who cannot tame that inner wild beast breeding comfort with curiosity and rebellion…’

Full Moon June and the Thirteenth Friday

‘poet, as dreamer and artist, takes the simple cosmic gestures to heart as yet another lock and key formulaic state residing within each of us even as our states of being sure of this concept are divided in complimentary symptoms to beat back this systemic infection… fascist age learning curve purging of the hatred and all that attending ignorance that has us pointing raping fingers in political correctness at each other to better our worst enemies of course not the ones within ourselves making others into victims in oblivious pursuits to individual happiness’

that Mystical Charisma

out of Context;
‘those congested trivialized tidbits of information at our fingertips typed away into a beginning as a digital culture… we know not what future beings we shall become to appear as though we will shed the human chrysalis if we choose the right steps that shimmy in place in front of us as aligned to change reality for the truly better instead of worse than it is in the Now as it all distorts our perceptions, a selfish glory possessed by a sorting out of others’ messes for them without evaluating one’s own mistakes and karmic debt traveling through the rough draft we all try to catch in our own ways…’

a Hearse in Reverse

out of Context;
‘taken to the gallows we are innocence of the repressed disposed of and oppressed the presence we have taken as image of death angels with grinning skulls and draped in a black vast expanse moving forever outward by this essence trying to recycle through real parts of these consciousnesses… left as maps for any who can read them like blinking stars in the braille of outer space sensed as signs of life lighting the darkened empty in strings of illumination taken too far to remind some of their stardust beginnings…’

benediction affliction…

out of Context;
‘whacked-out fiends, proliferating this ablyss without enough sense to rub together to create solid thoughts or valid schemes that might in this lifetime resemble dreams to look forward to without intruding onto others’ feet to do so, but even if this isn’t a trick used to catch us gasping as we grasp for some reason and logic like air in a breath caught reeling in our fears all in one second of reflection as though it were all destined for us to suffer through hell in each other… consequence in the nothing…’

Steaming Meaning Piles

out of Context;
‘breaking some obscure boundary, the horizon line at once seen in the distance by the naked eye while the artist inside tries to achieve a new view of these complex designs as they move through the nude reality unanchored by life, but scavenging tricks of the tragic age massive with movement as the agonistic bodies disenfranchised with this subdue of the hemorrhagic imagination calling into response ability the blood and the gore in understanding what magic it is we are creating…’

Screws & Scabs

out of Context;
‘lost in the heat… a whole bitter affair made from a compromise burned and blackened as the slackening of skin is wrinkling from the faded gears grinding the burnt out down into oblivion sure as the day is long, an oblong dawning to approach mourned as work alarms us into motion again with the sun righteous rising too fast to abort its’ quaking path we stand in front of and beg to differ altering dimensional fissures like poetry as the mind’s eye reaches out to observe…’


out of Context;
‘lost to all these other forces at work as their truths come first amongst this more studious tedium steady as some stronger than average bonds are created between those various selves inside people… the shaman of shame have spread their servicing disease far and wide with the fellow peddlers of a mystery too trivial and specific to be mistaken for wisdom bought and sold to whoever is randomly willing to fall for the tricks and the gimmicks, anchored to the decisions we make by the drugs we take as the fools we become stay kids all along in our lives trying by force to control this ideal “growing-up” hole we are buried into…’

Rubber Souls

out of Context;
‘the people pining for a truth that makes sense amidst all those wholly bankrupt and deteriorated taking their cues from the wasted who feel no one else worthy enough to have faith unless invested in material gain, a Midas and Judas myth made one and the same by the blurring lines affixed by the expert opinions of an idiot misogynistic patriarchy shooting us into oblivion if we stick to their traditions of hate that cast the women aside… this sickness from within as the insects of psychology infect us with doubt…’