resist the sphinXter

out of Context;
‘all the moving parts used to sustain oneself in the life journey shared yet separate for us all, but now amplified when the mind has its representative in your ear as then that quietest unheard voice lending advice on what to do and how to do it the right way right away leads instead of procrastinating over the hodgepodge of rotten details that taints our fury with madness at the being of treated unfairly with all the same symptoms of people shitting in our mouths as telling you any truth…’


out of Context;
‘twisting vibration as instability transmutes into the ways a person can create portals through timESPace to witness a beginning of what they want to see happen, and as thusly initiated these people mold chaos into pockets of disorder made more or less narrowed to form stability that one could feasibly ride upon once it is solidified and yet karmically abstract like a cloud gliding mentally high from the various thoughts and tangents of that vast intangible nest realm accessible only through the use of intelligence which may be considered to be an organic key unlocking further a life support system the mother nature provides all her creatures…’

the double You is false

out of Context;
‘the rearranging meaning changing letter and number seeming to coalesce lessons that calculate the statements of intent to which we all allowed as a herd following, thought sold upon a superior edge even though this part of the dichotomy while not looking down upon anything that has not caught bought one time creating a fancy loathed vivid sectional seating from the moment an adulthood breached on into our idea of humanity with that ravenous thirst to understand us all more out of an insecure sense of curiosity than as a genuine spark of compassion that animates these deeper realities growing to be a supply of generators in power and life…’


out of Context;
‘these conceptual shadows breaking down humanity from within one act in whatever the given scenario that some erisian strategists have used to engage discord rolled up sleeves revealing mystery bowling for soup sideshow as technique to grow a small income, but maybe these schemes would never have worked out for the best in timing and instinct bestial synchronized to this grand circadian rhythm set to the rolls of a pair of dice disposed to decay before this rebirth keeps shifting around in distilling the final details of continuity…’

suck Cess, fool…

out of Context;
‘behind our eyes glowering is something one cannot visualize but surmises as there like the stalking killer or burglar is criminal running loose for the time spent relatively free an unknown alive aspect as terror reacting caged away from human interaction it is as if being borne into this romantic decadence with all these garlands hanging to our detriment upon trees in poisonous fruit so often overlooked by the denser senses of Mankind in the apex predator, but to utilize for the better as all nature’s gimmicks to defuse the bomb inside of our heads a jest that starts ticking down as soon as ideas of self-awareness filter in through the transmissions we get…’


out of Context;
‘to beg a difference for wants of acceptance… distorted portions floating along as sewer debris of the modern world made mighty by the stakes of Mankind stained over time by the likes of human despotism taken to new heights by the establishment whose Man-age meant nothing really except cold and rotten woe pulled out of the poor and destitute masses yearning to be there feeling freedom more than analyzing those things as they reach their mature conclusions, whether that be within time or space or persons unknown throughout the fleeting moments of deliberation as this disorder rages just beyond the easy threshold of our doorways leading to the out there where nothing is as it seems to be put together this visceral puzzling system to which we give our everything…’

Quote o’ the Month; December 2016

“The study of crippled, stunted, immature, and unhealthy specimens can yield only a cripple psychology and a cripple philosophy.”

~ Abraham Maslow; American psychologist.

paranumb in the penUmbra

out of Context;
‘claims of fraud or false witness because the chancre comes from within where the bitter bottled feelings fill the void left by youth traumatized slowly drained by the parasitic adults as both vampiric and symbiotic support systems to those put in under our ideal of authority charged whether we are teachers or otherwise does not discount anyone from contributing by their experience which science may find an able way to get at those qualities directly through technology advancing further and farther into the out there than as the ridiculous that only stays this way for so long… the sands of time erode all of the changing old effigies to keep scenes carving away the material world as the wind and the sands and sounds of a Mankind go hand-in-hand with nature’s rusty kiss in decay…’

A shame on you…

out of Context;
‘with few rare exceptions, the fact that these works exist at all how living life engages itself while in weathering supposed deathly consequences when pretensions rise to the skyscraper heights of an overwhelming confusion amidst emotional clutter so unique that we all carry with us that most intimate of journeys along the negative steps shadowing ourselves for we are the wardens of our own personal prisons defined by our owned patterns of belief through trial and debacle…’

abject: Imbesylum

out of Context;
‘the grotesque that become habits in our habitat to defend our needs to read further into those situations that are stimulating and yet distort the words and gestures that spurn us on toward that virtual viscera that seems trivial for the most part to most people of whom couldn’t care less as esteem a trait of human proclivities that soon drifts further from the humanity which founded it to be castrating all considerate selves too polite to stray… taking those safety and sheltering protocols we were given for granted as we do lose touch when the compassionate has become tired of our selfish strands of personal obscurity…’