a World to the Wise…

out of Context;
‘public face on a certain amount of information as consensus reality’s stamp of approval calling forth the critics some to deny its entry into popular belief the digital relay between man and machine changes as well to new frequencies of exaggerated dalliance trying to form absolutes of alliance and agreed upon boundaries as lines not to be crossed even as Mankind defied these ideas themselves long ago before the standards impressed in after effects of government intrusion staking shady claims upon defilers of environmental concerns as they raise to crescendo pitch, and affect the peoples within that greater majority appealing for a stasis that relies not on status or respect gained from financial certitude through which the obnoxious attitude is evolved into an animal substitute to the challenge of mating…’

a voice for tech-Nihil-ogy…

out of Context;
‘death striking surely too soon to prepare for all scenarios almost conceitedly conceived of or believed in as empirical truth tested and absolute reigning proactively seeking the peak and plateau under its possession and utilization as working classes caught in the traps laid like caltrops in the closed waking eyes opening to these devices yearned for to simplify living even though by interconnecting in all of these objects riding a fine line defined by terms helpfulness to helplessness taken as granted specific division ages old, but terror and horror are very real very primal archetypes adapted to our hordes of gadgets and gizmos some used by remote control though distance won’t save everyone from resistentialism if it too like a virus infects our programs keeping us from meeting gory ends by the shining chrome of our creations…’

the Velvet dead

out of Context;
‘we might convince others as who we are, but this always requires proof that was at one time difficult to find no matter the topics to which one was inclined assimilated and found incorporating it into a daily dramatic regimen usually most profound when growing older still into impressions work of all natures once the staggered arrested attested development trail plateaus toward higher ground though a wealth of lies and truth tied it to those fascist heart strings long ago which explains a little on why “their” kind steadily grows as extinct as the men women and children tribal and natural systemic invaders to then pilgrims and puritans even as it masked a truer patriot intent of self-righteous honored exterminator of masculine unpleasantness in those Now long dead days…’

the Cock-tah-gone…

out of Context;
‘tormented by the processing posture that this catalytic machismo pretends to protect when only self-interest applies for these razor-sharp wits a little bit estranged by mistreatment from anyone else wishing to appease these stoic stooges at random intervals of time and space as opens for another of those somber shaken moments masochistically beating one’s self up with emotional stress taken too far, the hollow head echoes the emptiness within hardly a relevant thing left to say superficially swallowing the shallow placebo pills pushed onto our psychoses through doses cutting ourselves off at the mouth and either of hundreds of possible worse case scenarios in which failure and betrayal are the only options…’

Quote of the Month…August -2017

“I don’t think i’m easy to define. I’ve got a very wandering mind. And i’m not anything that you think i am anyway.”

~ Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett; english musician, composer, singer-songwriter and painter.


out of Context;
‘placed where they could present the most lethal of hostilities groomed to cause unseen threads of manipulating ley-lined strings connected at the places conducive to movement for an insurgent villain grift to follow and distract, countries kill and die over their nihilist national identity which neither represents the ant- nor protagonistic force alone but a combo of the few “winning” traits we all share by genetic strands swaying us in the solar winds until baked to death by our ecological retardation creating pockets a bit too underdeveloped in this world soon causing other forces to be unleashed like elder gods older than the periphery by which they wander around us as a burglar waiting for a moment’s weakness to strike out affixing defiant traits to tiny minds capable of holding the theories only the shadow knows…’

Gonzorro, Gonzarro…

out of Context;
‘each age that we remain lost children killing other children without conscience to bridge the schisms that form and enfold us all others affairs too often than we are able to stop and see while actively able to affect the change by choice instead of being blinded by distractions and decisions made for us well beyond childhood to adulthood, and wanting to understand how these changes occur beyond one’s own awareness of the surging pulse humanity represents to itself by focusing in on fulfilling of dreams in pursuit of happiness an ideal over contentedness a reality, and try as we may we cannot obey all the orders handed down to us which makes of arts subversion and social dominance of the mind through mind games played to extremes leading us to change ourselves out of fear…’

there are no organs without the “i”…

out of Context;
‘dying scream of doubt to be betrayed by the doctors and their cold stinging err, or the warriors who come out to play and decide they want to kill a man and rob him in the streets crazy from the trip to hell and back attacking another person whether needed or not creates knots in the system cannot untie even as unified and united their might seems to be some good guys some bad guys though the test of casualties becomes the surprising rise in the tidal wave goodbye to eclectic electric gaps far scarier charismas of delicious gravity ahead severing the knots with swirling blades like cyclones whirling a winding wind blown beyond those winsome memory lanes a bit farther than a disciplined Mankind can travel even though from Here you can get very far indeed..’


out of Context;
‘lack of respect from anyone else who might but couldn’t care less… or listen well to instructions to the best of their ability responding as spite when resentful of those fuckers delighted in putting you in your place when they want to out of a despise for your hopeless faith in humanity can this world really be called “just” as in any true justice under a general opinion or public law formulated regulation simply avoided by dismissive agencies that shelters a suspect as if they were that prisoner caught snared by these restless silences siphoning the jolts of kinetic effects we ascribe to “jest” doing anything, can this activity be worth the energy put to it to carry the burdens a little further down paths left unspoken for the most part as exclusive intrusions…’

inside a Dupe haunt

out of Context;
‘consequence slipping on random obstacles not stable enough to hold us aground of our flights of fancy and fantasy quelled by toxic vibrations that rape us as submission tactic crass as spastic in clutches to cross to bear without being scared almost to death as that requested probability coughed out into that vast darkness that cracks with each step moved in a direction that eats our soul from some external source sour on our course toward oblivion, war and profit as the rest of the last flower children wither and die away peddling their come oddities of ritual onto virtue without caring for the others arrested by thought when an enchanted victim becomes the next to transfer those beliefs onto others out of primal archetypes trying to get the better of us one at a time…’