a cry, Stalling method…

out of Context;
‘through these vaguest times absolutely, fabulous the glamorous webs of deceit and desire pushing the tensions of humanity taught and tighter still taunted by the haunted swill of the fiends in their persuasion of the people to give in to their procreative pro-life rationale to overpopulate and demand control which never serves any one as a purpose burned in and out one puppet at a time as these strings of theory break and repel the hangers-on in unwholesome interests that lead us astray of the ways in which we have wanted to become manifested invested not sold into this system trained to not even think about this subjugation without pulling any of the energy back that was stolen from our timESPace like teeth by forces of invisible people pushing us beyond on into a strange periphery…’

the Oh pinions

out of Context;
‘as little clogged pieces in the wet debris clinging to various perceptual filters developed over these experiences that shape our expertise fragmented and narrow to see the prize alight at the end of a cloudy dark tunnel some might call a tornado of souls reacting when the dark frightening strikes them as the large tree in a heavy storm calls down the fury from the sky, but just as the fury of the skies subsides so too do the harsh words of others dissipate leaving the residues of “do not” between the ears of the listener who hears that lesson reaping the reward of keen observation devoted beyond a shallow view of doubt in what consists of in this inconsistency…’

no News is a good nuisance…

out of Context;
‘the depths of informations that our souls can transmit and analyze into this material plane of study and determination setting our will and energy both forth in forms that unite and untie the universe by ideally equal aspects as if ordered to maintain balance, but even as a time sends various strengths of signal and frequency continuing the recalibration of the psychic computer that our single consciousness is but a node or hub upon a subtly-carried circuit a great amount of distance to reach the mortal realm reflected in multiples of techniques and the attitudes becoming schools of thought that utilize the pulse of this cosmic flux to manifest folding and molding this vision into a density heavy with holding us Here, the responsible continuum…’

get me Samples…

out of Context;
‘filthy is a different brand of beast to burden upon oneself as only one sight into the dreamtime depth, though this as rigid outline to follow is not equivalent to instruction and must be met through this depth of one’s own experiences equipping a poetry wit and prose to the con game a crying shame of shear luck cutting off the ears and eyes that allow us to travel via our minds and imaginative springboards that launch some as methodical madness manipulates anal lunatics to lubricate the collusion of opportunists to cast out in socio-psychotic episodes others of a nature turned away by these new leaders of the “free world” too unable to trust one another to keep out of places they are unwanted just as they condemn the natives of lands they conquer…’

to interpretZel…

out of Context;
‘smaller bodies bumping and dried into clumps as though like routine debris left after a number of procedures has been endured leaving spent fluids all over the place as the toxic spill patterns trying to find a way to be shed without ever dying away as concepts have an immaterial immortality all their own barely relying on the human germs to carry them further through layers of gluttony in obese release of fats and fevered flatulence that contort the guts under pressure opened up by those severed severely vain… so obsessed but not seeing the answer directly in front of us as sugar and diet remedies selectively kill a segment of the populace to control and devalue another portion somewhere else…’

traumatic, the next Insemination…

out of Context;
‘we are the elemental butt of jokes made to our dissatisfaction by stabbing us through the heart as the abdomen strike used to fertilize the female bed bug through the evolved exceptions as a filtration system within that microcosmic turn of change preventing either bacteria fatal wounding and yet inseminating the body cavity in one traumatic stroke to perpetuate a species that has evolved with humans as one of many parasitic dwellers within and without us…’

in these Hey-ness acts…

out of Context;
‘approval in the harsh light of day where the authorities roam bestial like they’ve owned this place since forever had ever began though these creatures are merely authors given enough clout as privilege whose respect ones are born into now without having to prove their worth to the rest, but no doubt trials and tribulations abound though sometimes these challenges are left upon the back burner boiling to a stew and swelter until something else percolates to the surface as could be any number of things considered trivial by the general public that only the authors have foreseen as vision…’

a whore’s Clutch…

out of Context;
‘a Mankind utilizing tyrannical methods to coax selfish logic out of whosoever crosses paths with one of these false profits inflating themselves to perilous proportions of a giving-to-take sequence allowing for their abuse of resources and labor by incredible strokes of the imagination not a fully-realized gimmick until it has swept us through a gauntlet of subconscious body politick as real progression can conform without the pressures and hassle of these ant-like creatures crawling in out to surface trying to peel back the foreskin of liberty to circumcise all the circumstances…’

Quote o’ the Month – July 2016

“Rooting in work is crucial to any accomplishment. Rooting in mere enthusiasm will in the long run force illusory measures to keep the fires of empty enthusiasm going. And this makes politics and politicians.”

~ Wilhelm Reich; psychoanalyst, author, and orgone innovator.

Lip smack

out of Context;
‘vanish into the horizon line making politeness worthless under the inadequate conditions that breed darkness in us the germs and discomfort that control tries to restore through archaic means that do nothing but save face in the long play of life as a record to take note of the energy and followthrough while the terror at confrontation eats at our consciousness and creates dramatics shifting all people places and things over the course of these unfathomable and ineffable times and events in which we live…’