out of Context;
‘hit self-awareness and puberty and become temporarily insane at the shallow ideas that used to be so fundamental to growing up whether with or without parents caring or not it is these bonds we share even when weak and powerless knowing few remedies without fail highly and rightly so recommended that we become this vulnerable or perhaps transparent kind like some of the parents out there that leave us be when there are so few who will guide you with loving kindness needs instead of diseases or strange sounds from the darkness which happens to be that ego core asserting as though in charge of this voyaging class vessel we are… the scene is overwhelmed by the seen and unseen alike when some shadows decide to walk into the light…’

to turn a phRaze…

out of Context;
‘transmitting from the sealed chamber that when the cliche or argument is dropped straight on into politely casual conversation like a bomb, when it can be said as though nothing were meant by it at all as vapid excuse to excuse oneself from any minds able to perceive those underlying lines that achieve droll comeback that may stab just as deep or deeper as consequence of actions met by brute ignorant recourse for the offense that wishes harm just as harsh as that initial offending blow catching off-guard perhaps a slow wit or subject of stupidity for a fool can transmute these goods into bads and vice versa…’

do not feed the pig Eons

out of Context;
‘none of us has to do a damn thing Here as regarding a need to be moralistically advanced in a right superior to be had as to boast that this particular person specially chosen for gifts and skills far ahead of the usual development cycles always in development whether through the furnace of hells undreamt of putting pressure on your heels slowing your rhythm as you walk strut or swagger to find your place anywhere in the mess, and repressed by the best of a them versus us because there is no trust or lost love digging to find the hate for our enemies trained a couple transmissions over the course of our lives at the period when there are few certainties anymore except the nostalgia that hits when broken phantoms appear…’


out of Context;
‘historic villainy made reality in recent times as paradigms secede into cultural hybrids of what it has to be as experienced by the populace like the massive quakes of death and turmoil to stress the best and worst qualities an individual might have in a paranoir reservoir dipped in all the dark waters of void cold subconsciousness upon frequencies of the misunderstood observer, locked into the mass grave with other cadavers whose potential was cut short so easily at the wrong time for the wrong person representing change that no one wanted to consider even the person themselves on many occasions cannot truly decide what it is that becomes required or necessary to move forward when trauma like chaos awaits…’

a Rhesus for a jesus…

out of Context;
‘housing an insanity that crawls away oxidizing humanity for those superstitious stays of execution demanding the pogrom within these programs as savors the killing off of the undying fealty felt active that faith acting under the skin microscopic explaining the fading of times into people and their images but the tensions have taught us nothing special which is how we feel able to excuse or justify our unreasonable actions, in faith like fate and filth are extremes a deliberate way because these routes as roots are made by an absolution of choices whether yours or mine and they all stick with us as experiences throughout our journeys Here or in the out there intermingling with the new age thought architects of a new anarchy…’

slacker of Fortune

out of Context;
‘these are words written for you to see though not as a voice brought back to life from the dead souls now long lost detritus whose caustic breeze causes disease of the mind and the eyes and other senses locked into orifices in whose reach is limited by tragic obstacles that keep us ever under the close watchful devices that would soon assume to clear out all wonder and amazement for the gesture of journey as learned from the televised signals as opposed to any sensory interaction worth digging, dragons are trapped under the ice a glassy stare gloomy barreling through those surface impressions uniquely unaware as a soul is laid bare…’

the Undie turd

out of Context;
‘poking through the miasma of dread that behooves us spiritually as much existentially to be kind to one another though it is essentially this that is bypassed to show heartlessness instead as a cold exterior that one would rather kill than be killed by the monotony of Mankind’s self-righteous broad strokes to wither an open relationship with others defined by the individual in wants and needs and desires, taken to extents of jagged aggressive offense to thrust a menacing phallic forearm out to strike into the gut flora of another animal of a mind to be cruel in place of kindness to the actions we look down our noses at over an ideal of common…’


out of Context;
‘it takes much deliberation coming to an accurate range of conclusion that thoughts as questions upend, but as there are so many rapacious servants of faceless gods in the out there as are particles lingering in the particulate universe holding a universal pattern or format-managed appearance of a so-called god authority in the guise of a general law commanding us to serve as well and often to a souled out version of guidelines which we begin to interpret as that General Operating Directive drawing on a space outside space to control potential energies that warp and reprocess our imaginations as facts too devote benign to the malign ant who travels far to strike an impression that will not be so easily forgotten unlike those other lights and colors that have all become so dulled and drab…’

Whore of the Worlds’ faire…

out of Context;
‘within us there is always going to be turmoil until we are dead, but even then no guarantees as the insect appetites scramble to get what they can take out of our carcasses collected and moving living dead datas to their next levels to be reprocessed from the cage of flesh to digital sphere that resides parallel as that existence snug like a glove soon discovered the hands moving are deceased as there is no one individual mind boldly moving those parts for us as though the tyrant knows where we call home the mask of death wears our face and the common rituals and expressions that end up disposing of us when it has come time to confront one another, passing perilous threshold into the mists of memory forsaken the ones left behind shining…’

Quote o’ the Month; November 2016

“The poet’s spoken discourse often depends on a mystique, on the spiritual freedom that finds itself enslaved on earth.”

~ Salvatore Quasimodo; Italian novelist and poet.