reCyst’ em…

out of Context;
‘no drift or lift that drags us sometimes by the bootheels to walk in and talk in jagged tangents and jargon as they manifest individuality a zygote-to-be on the way to bring the human back to humanity where magic we are as keystone to working our will as we wish it if allowed crucial support at our most formative periods fueling the inspirations held so dearly sometimes obtusely angled into focusing in from realms inedible and all-too-pretentious to handle with a necessary care or consistency that requires us to be there accountable and responsible…’

the holy Leper con

out of Context;
‘spilled those good times into the streets purged snakes writhing stakes claimed to shake loose all those fruits from their trees of ease and a comfort to participate cater to the frenzy of idiot proportions passing heavily from a reveller to the interested energy investitures involved that will haunt us the next days when vaunted overzealous approaches to drinking clears us of sanity to stumble blue and black and blinded by a rough gauntlet…’

Quote of the Month…March -2017

“At the beginning of all experimental work stands the choice of the appropriate technique of investigation.”

~ Walter Rudolf Hess; swiss physiologist.

the Imp lied…

out of Context;
‘collected one-by-one to serve hive a little more longer than expected as a chosen hell has many levels of confrontation one is required to reach in order to survive whatever chapters remain next tonight as the logic of business and efficient use of time demand the blood sweat and tears as it guts you up and down with your own demons set…’

these effective inVectives infective…

out of Context;
‘all circumstance those viral components circulating mass proliferation of style over function anal-retainting jive coersing the group mind hive housed so discreetly in this society bugged all throughout policing ourselves all casting stigma with our eyes while marking random others to die an insular indifferent death shooting daggers with no further provocation necessary in sudden painful panics pushing buttons to twist the knives setting nervous blood to boiling points pointing out the mistakes made…’

sCarving artists…

out of Context;
‘the line where all our failures need to be remembered in order that they may stay lessons with layers able to be understood by the ones who may find the patterns of challenge inside the puzzling ranges of vital possibilities life has slung us into bewildering many of us further than simply one deranged step away from crazy but off into another dimensional version of the realities we already see as truths amplified all around us certain of our certainty tainting our already biased perception…’

what’s the Understory…?

out of Context;
‘this pain leading to a substantial sacrificial jam where the energies we are part of leave their stains upon this world with more and more of us realizing what a shitty slice of those pie chart persceptions we have been in on for most of this wandering time in space wondering why a living death claims all consciousness inside us…’

Quote of the Month…February -2017

“Everyone, left to his own devices, forms an idea about what goes on in language which is very far from the truth.”

~ Ferdinand de Saussure; Swiss linguist and semiotician.


out of Context;
‘need as a savage shaman bringing tales to the rest of the tribe in order to share the responsibility of experience as the information requires them to translate those ideas so others may practice understanding more fully developed over many lives… disposable and chronic dysfunctionally mass mentality degraded by leaps and bounds as futile set of faiths bind us to places we may not want to be forced to chastise ourselves while clinging to poor motivational tools warped to the status quo…’

in a Syphilization mysterious…

out of Context;
‘coexisting in the similar environment as the threats themselves backyard bombs and treasonous treacle poison a step away from blowing smoke up your ass, though a flavor for the espionage it takes to hammer home the mistaken of identities to the patriotic terror hidden by the handjobs abused nationwide suckling upon the indefinite essence of youth taken the wrong way as those prescribed doses down all the shitty days and nights that remake the human glue as it presses us all together deflowered by the disasters…’