chisto SOS christ

out of Context;
‘idealism and deceptions defining culture pseudoscientific vultures carrion-ing on giving mad props to fiends long since dead bones utterly picked clean as the slate beckons more scrawling exorcise the fellow demons reading out loud the voices in the head whose limited capacity for understanding prevents honesty from leaking confiscated conclusions the equivalent proof of personal opinion pining over qualities and causes that we are tricked into thinking are lost…’


out of Context;
‘in a wayward quest for droll immortality of perhaps storybook enchantments that were never enlightened ticket to promised lands dropping from the sky setting decisions right-aligned for hooking onto a heavenly source from our dreams summoning which form is to appear in vision to us, as representatives of the subconscious in whose projected image we retain the ancient alien plans carving up stoned human mentions of enlightened…’

Crocking the shit…

out of Context;
‘hidden weapon relying on arts subversion and misinformation to thoroughly antagonize the opponent into a shallow grave, but a naive fool has steadied out at the cliff’s sharp edge holding against the lemming thrust off a potential kinetic drop raining sinister acidic molting as the past carapace in this larval mission is cast forth as though another altogether burned by the furnace fusing the parts once more…’


out of Context;
‘the face from the civilized feces we collected leaves to be left behind amidst nature’s consequences, but what are we if not nature in a natural world though this ideal can tend to be just that without any ideas of what comes next in the coordination of being and beings as both good and evil cursed and blessed by this trivial yet unconditional love for these creatures so formed approaching limits we cannot always visualize clearly from this far before this event horizon of reality bent into shapes assumed without cognizance as in a real competent patience now becomes as time in second’s reflex to refract and catch the light as it whistles by through gears and cogs at work Here…’

nouveau Wiche

out of Context;
‘behind minions and anonymity that bind and conflict the victimized without being able to see a clear enemy so camouflaged that isolation and paranoia are some of those inevitable results that infrequently the social mechanism corrupts itself with all details but lacking a subjective quality as very definite trait allowing this human form a corpse at a time of the conveyor belt crisis as a midlife is like this with no access to the spin cycle until their designs include us as the pawns…’

a gardeners’ Greater good…

out of Context;
‘ideas of power becoming integrated in consecrate concentrated doses culled from the herds and flocks that emerge while presently submerged forces those likes which are epic but receding into an ocean floor hungry for more matter and knowledge to devour as darkened gods harkened from when civilization was still purely conceptual by the standards raised in name of them that wanted to evolve by the decree of whatever gods would have them invisible to all but the chosen who whisper in nonsense phrases…’

athaMay i…?

out of Context;
‘once Mankind began to tackle responsibility for its actions in having lead culture by a leash lashed against that wall that no one else can see to make sure a few of our ways will stay tethered by this chain… that is not assured in anyway as freedom varies like art or as magick contained in the village a voyaging vessel through timESPace as the journey enfolds us all and our remains a solid state through the rocks and stone as the residue of who you were slowly washes away with the rain…’

Quote of the Month…May -2017

“Poetry is something in-between the dream and its interpretation.”

~ Lou Andreas-Salome; psychoanalyst and author.


out of Context;
‘manifest as parts of the earned nuance of being being Here where none few spirits have dared, but still there a Mystery at every turn that may turn out lethal as a twist of the story beyond the literal perhaps occurs to change all of our fates by waves by chance and cracks the covers that hover just before a beginning and just after end…’

an ass O’ nine tails…

out of Context;
‘affected by disturbing touches evoking chills from warmth shifting the balance as catalyst to the stirring ids and egos connected as distinct views on reality slowly floods the mind and will to live or love as deemed that as most necessary by the individuals themselves, but curious from all the static Here trying to strain a meaning out of the scary shards stolen hearing only a little bit at a time a total terror slashed across the back with whiplike snaps summoning pain against cheeks flush with blood red stains teaching lessons hard to make learning as difficult as it can be so that resentment and trauma stunts the growth…’