Quote of the Month…April -2017

“I think everything’s experimental whether you like it or not. I think that people who do generic pop are experimenting with cliches. It’s no less than I am experimenting with noise or unknown music – until you say, ‘This is my song, or this is my composition’ – it’s all experimental, whether you like it or not.”

~ Bill Laswell; american musician, producer, and label owner.

by sheer Crappenstance…

out of Context;
‘ to get a better deal from any ready sell-o-crat machine trying the repetition programming of the political domestication in authority Here where times we tread are limited while the ride is in service, an eye towards the distance hoping to bridge all gaps between an anything could happen as much the suspension of disbelief as once slackjaw to a sleight of hand handed down generation…’


out of Context;
‘freedom of choice that remains constant allows any of us to refuse, but much as a mafia offer that can’t be thrown away too hastily without some protocol of intervention locking steps on the pathway to understand oneself and one’s own environment and thus can become a conduit between these seemingly disparate things as the further focused a person might narrowly seal their hermeneutic bubble that shines and shields each of us…’

sell pHarming…!?

out of Context;
‘of those held snared by fear fiercely caught up in surged frantic frenzies of fanatics addicted to celebrate the skins of celebrity warships cruising low through the churches worshipping many similar myths as we choose and so use them as much to start the wars as that of troubled crew attacking confused at healing within this foggy vain thought process congested and contained…’


out of Context;
‘we may repeal former laws to turn our favor toward a corporate consumer interest certainly not uniform yet enough to cross along the gaps in our systems with a relative ease because of all these creatures shoving to push us out of the way to get real horror show too fast as shock troops crawling over as cannon fodder that falls superior firepower when called for more frequently as the words used to start up the wars with vocal intention detonation intoning directly as a missile searching out a decent target like kind of anyone who might read…’

a religion of reaSons

out of Context;
‘to whom might beat back the domains attacked drawn taught from slacking adapting the pressures as they measure our instincts and turn violation into artform, or in other words a traumatic cradle of life from which a unique experiential path is birthed as though the ghastly substitutions for a crib while nightmares of authoritarian lies alive are surrounding to imprint upon us their biased versions of why the world is this way a piece at a time…’

states of the feArt

out of Context;
‘lost in an ignorant ablyss sinister as any imagined death that traps us and our dreaming sanctity idle with privilege and weighed down by those obligations supporting the stability of c!aim that floating with beasts far more dangerous a predator than a mere man-eating shark could be as cannibals one and all told we are exiled from the world stage whether a discovery or recovery to escape from the tormented DNA chain that binds our feet right Here with the other wreckage…”

reCyst’ em…

out of Context;
‘no drift or lift that drags us sometimes by the bootheels to walk in and talk in jagged tangents and jargon as they manifest individuality a zygote-to-be on the way to bring the human back to humanity where magic we are as keystone to working our will as we wish it if allowed crucial support at our most formative periods fueling the inspirations held so dearly sometimes obtusely angled into focusing in from realms inedible and all-too-pretentious to handle with a necessary care or consistency that requires us to be there accountable and responsible…’

the holy Leper con

out of Context;
‘spilled those good times into the streets purged snakes writhing stakes claimed to shake loose all those fruits from their trees of ease and a comfort to participate cater to the frenzy of idiot proportions passing heavily from a reveller to the interested energy investitures involved that will haunt us the next days when vaunted overzealous approaches to drinking clears us of sanity to stumble blue and black and blinded by a rough gauntlet…’

Quote of the Month…March -2017

“At the beginning of all experimental work stands the choice of the appropriate technique of investigation.”

~ Walter Rudolf Hess; swiss physiologist.