twisting, turning, through the Nevus…

out of Context;
‘if there are such things like monsters we have dismissed into the shadows and then regrettably forget about a condemned amalgam of nightmares refused substance by an overwhelming consensus between few actual hands as deep in the power struggle as it is played to be while trying to contain damages done, and manage to control the reaction to these movements as they occur then we are eventually coerced into becoming a part of the dreaming we left when we became living gods caught up in a fraud of sorts as the pieces we contribute flow back in to spread the myth further of who we were during in those days and nights sent scurrying and questioning…’

beYond the meta…

out of Context;
‘a series of vivid selfish exposures to the oxidizing system that forces trauma upon a people that it creates much as i have come to see bugs are a force of nature though one that always dramatically changes, in human as a nature has been exalted to a category superior to other animals even though tending to be these basest of constructs compared to these other types of creatures can lichen us to the animals as the main predator in whose violent primal self is one raging hormone away from attacking any others for dominance in the kingdom even when subtle repercussions can deaden the senses used to adapt us and woe be to those…’

why you’re so meaTestible…

out of Context;
‘allowing connections where none previous had stood, and because of this overwhelming stream of human consensus it is coming to what i think is the next conclusion as we have explored the motor self evolving its capacity to understand and adapt to environmental restrictions and regulations used to act upon suspicion where otherwise there would be no use for such sociopathy as opportunism cheered for by those who never see the head they are about to step on… with hair piece firmly attached to head of fearless leader assuming the role of crowned prince of crimes against humanity thus providing reasons why we must overthrow that dictator to reveal to ourselves we have the ability to do it besides doing what we are told when we do not know any better the vain of common sense…’

i don’t Believe in the mind games, do you?…

out of Context;
‘doctors and scientists alike continually process and reassess through reminders of what it was going to be along objective states of neutral circumstances with tribal trials and separations as one mind realizes inherent validity in another, and so it goes as the stutter of ignorance engrains and trains us to be domesticated citizens fully inundated with the mutually exclusive protocols of government and spirituality that guide us on in the directions that perhaps make no sense at first sight when feeling those winds of change blow apart of the situation into follies that evoke only serious perspectives experienced through the scripts of law writing trial and error to the current aeon in flux… crows pigeons and even the human creature stands at a cosmic threshold…’

leaving a scar, Right?…

out of Context;
‘the darkness inviting shadow to come dance within this dark mass, no boundaries but no love as there is only the homogenizing process that has need to occur if each one represents a single cell of a vast consciousness moving independently of as uniform an entity to monitor the status quo as much the actuality of the elves and aliens that require (rechoir) us to create receptive clouds through which imagination appears so these beings of darkness never become too grim or nefarious surging into a special timESPace where we are more than just any old crass brash crude brass machines gone extreme in a pursuit of toxic dreams that die short of the goal subsumed by a solution of illusions that resides Here with us…’

take the Meta sin…

out of Context;
‘a whirling locomotion while the tension and action builds up into a series of frenzied feats leading to this altared state where entrained of consequences that surely no one wants to hear but will not stop anyone who includes an outside perspective from such a myopic existence as to narrow others’ experiences to make this surface world purposes as intents instead of the tricky maze behind the scenes in which we are trapped within this as akashic recording device set upon a playback for those few getting back to there from in Here, and with all that fear and of the coerced energy spent in the cold err floating by on motes as castles or ships in the sky drift along as if on some long forgotten fantasy kingdom creating a noxious stress on rulers and tyrants…’

numb’ Ass’ tainted…

out of Context;
‘human fundamentals of courtesy and respect lost on deaf ears and eyes that hear what the heart is trying to convey as an observational organ in a sense very much like us that brain with nerves and strain stressing the system with a pain that will not relent peacefully as comfort is a dying art of fleeting ideals not represented the same ways as the traditions may have started as minds that were opened to novelizations of a permanent short story that every few centuries finds a permeation in order to repeat the process as its standard of contracted pathways whose currency and circuitry change as a malleable stream of consciousness informing the creatures we are Here, and always dealing with this as tainted service-to-disease that even the opportunistic act of our fascist vulture culture carrying on…’

Soma-psychotic, abandon inSane…

out of Context;
‘that human snail trail of inevitability left under scrutiny of these analytical ‘madnexuses’ so-known as scientists swirling in identifying qualities up into a sole substantial meta-fact to be understood later on by most as the artifacts of today are acknowledged as history and the past from which we came, Here there is an almost palpable harshness that erodes the safety out from underneath everyone on a flimsy stability pulled away to be used as tormenting shroud until a death occurs to the trapped animal suddenly set to freedom by the boredom of the captors who like the dinosaurs and various birds of prey have acted in the roles of strategic rapid attackers use brutalizing through nature’s forces to play an intimate intimidation against the ones who do nothing but try…’

Quote o’ the Month – August 2016

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

~ Ernest Hemingway; american author and adventurer.

moe’s art and the wolf Gang…

out of Context;
‘the more surly and tweaky of these bikers of doom considered themselves worthwhile art critics, and were mocking instead of treating the art like true objets as had some of the more vocal critics having condemned the works back in the days before gangs were feared for losing their heads while torturing raping and killing victims…’