Experimented, a pawn…

out of Context;
‘faceless saints losing to the larger games overlapping in ragged oblong orbits nailing closed this coffin door with sweeping statements of narcissistic calculations presumed the doom spelled out wanting something more careful when the world changes rapidly without your approval to prove you wrong though these are thoughts we work through over time, and not always with clear insights preferred to the make and model of one’s control to own responsibility…’

b s idiot and the Commodious scablands

out of Context;
‘as that usual blissful state shifts all those shared in visions to awake as the causes provoke one to move deliberately parallel to the instinct intuition and intellect that drive us to conform out of a social system suppling as survival gimmick we all seem to disregard at some dire levels calling upon more than mere observers’ wit to produce solutions instead of a dramatic dismantling of simple tasks when finding ourselves at an obvious loss that words are not so easily used to refine though many failures occur as a response that echoes the means culling the human herd as a flock of beasts to push pretend upon world culture in caustic shades of pretty…’

Fascism and the capitalist cess-pyre…

out of Context;
‘we have blood amid thoughts that permit us commune with etheric realms to a startling level or degree of inherent shamanic aspects little regard to whatever the lurking ancestor spirits as angelic streams of enlightenment woven for our current paradigm to exist boldly tented against invisible pokes slow and deliberate which prod and probe attempting to assure mistakes…’

by Golly…

out of Context;
‘the reasons for a magnanimous leader who really can perform as acts the figurehead task best represented by the fierce yes-men in their pockets who have no opinions except those coveted by the lazy hustle meters not too far from our own feats as bizarre self-aware creature whose ending awaits each individual even though the story never stops as everything is unfinished…’

Quote of the Month…January -2017

“Challenging the meaning of life is the truest expression of the state of being human.”

~ Dr. Viktor Frankl; neurologist, psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor.

Humph day

out of Context;
‘vibrations and signals to interject pleasant contentment where the ease of life isn’t about the never-ending quest of living as brightly to the burnout as possible tethered in that heart skipping beats as the waft of feart roars a distinctly rude awakening, a second guessing the heat and the thrill when seats are still wet from this idiot flesh acting upon pure instincts intending to alleviate itself…’


out of Context;
‘in the social dynamics as then in which today known as lessons popular by the main masters in charge of ascertaining what common sense exactly is as though a kind of human magic subconsciously upheld as the right means of doing anything but implies that stupidity too be mute to continue collaborating as linear catalyst…’

Grotesque, the walking living…

out of Context;
‘for as long as the proliferated lessons repeatedly rely on biased gossip and odd miscommunication percolating to the surface to act as information carriers providing currency worthwhile in sometimes viral amounts a villainous venomous compound structure commencing this grandiose commiseration considered…’


out of Context;
‘upon the sees-saws of a power that the people in their individuality should be able to retain access as much as any opportunistic ideal embodied and swaying the public opinion toward genuine misery… the texts have been tampered with as far as a multitude of our greatest books in historically spiritual content concerning itself with by far too many editors and supposed scholars caring not for the magic of compassion connection or contentment but only in the containment and cataloging of patterns drawn…’

resist the sphinXter

out of Context;
‘all the moving parts used to sustain oneself in the life journey shared yet separate for us all, but now amplified when the mind has its representative in your ear as then that quietest unheard voice lending advice on what to do and how to do it the right way right away leads instead of procrastinating over the hodgepodge of rotten details that taints our fury with madness at the being of treated unfairly with all the same symptoms of people shitting in our mouths as telling you any truth…’