The grime noire…

out of Context;
‘harsh consequences bringing about cause and effect as established fact to be learned or earned by made mistake assessed as lesson, and not the dead end of failure used to blockade people from their destinies deemed worthy by forces allowing us to be where we are so that we utilize our freedom of choice for more than merely selfish tricks pulled out of the hat shooting from the hip to fake it until a successfully remaking of ourselves into who we were envisioning as who we would be by Now through whims wonder and fantasy that affect the presence as the aura or think of it as the palpable emotional self as stays a frame or two out of sync with our version in the present of Now the only thing that is real…’

Quote of the Month…September -2017

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.”

~ Charles Dickens; english writer and social critic.

likeNess monster…

out of Context;
‘these societal jolts that surge and quake through the conceptual concrete of this civilization creeping crawling in a maze of its own demi-urgent technology eulogizing the human trevails made exploits by the savage cunning stunts of the barbarism to defile things before an us as we know it now was set in place by a fascist yearning for stable almost predictable patterns to cut monotone of complexity into bits and bytes data to be easily absorbed by the system simply made up of us, ouroboring into humanity through the culture created introducing barriers of classification into a dialogue about the core corpse forcing all of us to control as universal body politicks and leeches ingrained into the bedazzle of this systemic infection using havoc and mayhem to redefine a century for its own ideas of interpretation…’

sham Bro lifics…

out of Context;
‘spaced out and prolific somewhere on the faces is written an awareness of what is already there transferred from place to place by a vagrant consciousness roaming the features through figures as they are shaped and themselves shape the destinies of lifelike likenesses to coming to try trading us spirits for efficiency as a snake oil salesmen before them caught up in the flimflam that asserts a final epic swing loosed under conventional acts undertaking the unconventional ventilating extremes exorcised by demonic coercions that cohere to this bionic culture hybrid and horrid on unique points on their way to becoming managed by aspects of competition squeezing the denatured juices as dementia quantified, but tainted loves aside we stride casual on into the causal plane of our birthing songs that dance in our eyes and dreams…’

douche Guevana

out of Context;
‘appeals to those roving band images idealized proliferated and executed by the up-and-coming surges of starlight blighted as the bequeathed dubbed and knighted lords and tyrants are spilling their bile into rivers and streams making fevers and plagues where there were none as manifest destiny lashes the whip against all of whom choose a standing up for themselves to a supine loss of orientation and collaborative communication through the greater massive obeying passively a general law taken in the form of resonating frequencies frantically-breaking down that item in human willpower attempting to release and retain itself the leaps and boundless imaginations, recreating itself from the massive combinations gestating through a nurtured perpetuity equally actively pushing its agendas as well through as many avenues of thought as become institutions…’

a World to the Wise…

out of Context;
‘public face on a certain amount of information as consensus reality’s stamp of approval calling forth the critics some to deny its entry into popular belief the digital relay between man and machine changes as well to new frequencies of exaggerated dalliance trying to form absolutes of alliance and agreed upon boundaries as lines not to be crossed even as Mankind defied these ideas themselves long ago before the standards impressed in after effects of government intrusion staking shady claims upon defilers of environmental concerns as they raise to crescendo pitch, and affect the peoples within that greater majority appealing for a stasis that relies not on status or respect gained from financial certitude through which the obnoxious attitude is evolved into an animal substitute to the challenge of mating…’

a voice for tech-Nihil-ogy…

out of Context;
‘death striking surely too soon to prepare for all scenarios almost conceitedly conceived of or believed in as empirical truth tested and absolute reigning proactively seeking the peak and plateau under its possession and utilization as working classes caught in the traps laid like caltrops in the closed waking eyes opening to these devices yearned for to simplify living even though by interconnecting in all of these objects riding a fine line defined by terms helpfulness to helplessness taken as granted specific division ages old, but terror and horror are very real very primal archetypes adapted to our hordes of gadgets and gizmos some used by remote control though distance won’t save everyone from resistentialism if it too like a virus infects our programs keeping us from meeting gory ends by the shining chrome of our creations…’

the Velvet dead

out of Context;
‘we might convince others as who we are, but this always requires proof that was at one time difficult to find no matter the topics to which one was inclined assimilated and found incorporating it into a daily dramatic regimen usually most profound when growing older still into impressions work of all natures once the staggered arrested attested development trail plateaus toward higher ground though a wealth of lies and truth tied it to those fascist heart strings long ago which explains a little on why “their” kind steadily grows as extinct as the men women and children tribal and natural systemic invaders to then pilgrims and puritans even as it masked a truer patriot intent of self-righteous honored exterminator of masculine unpleasantness in those Now long dead days…’

the Cock-tah-gone…

out of Context;
‘tormented by the processing posture that this catalytic machismo pretends to protect when only self-interest applies for these razor-sharp wits a little bit estranged by mistreatment from anyone else wishing to appease these stoic stooges at random intervals of time and space as opens for another of those somber shaken moments masochistically beating one’s self up with emotional stress taken too far, the hollow head echoes the emptiness within hardly a relevant thing left to say superficially swallowing the shallow placebo pills pushed onto our psychoses through doses cutting ourselves off at the mouth and either of hundreds of possible worse case scenarios in which failure and betrayal are the only options…’

Quote of the Month…August -2017

“I don’t think i’m easy to define. I’ve got a very wandering mind. And i’m not anything that you think i am anyway.”

~ Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett; english musician, composer, singer-songwriter and painter.